Updating your WordPress Blog in a blink!

Wordpress Logo I know, I know… WordPress already has an option to update your blog with one click… but I love to use my SSH and I don’t trust FTP connections, so here is my manual solution for this. I hope you find it useful.

ssh myblog.com

That’s it, pretty fancy uh? This is the code for this script:

# Script by Adrian Puente Z..
# Powered by Hackarandas www.hackarandas.com
# Licensed by GNU GPLv3
# http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt

# This is the absolute PATH to a working directory.
# Where the Blog is installed.
# The complete URL to the blog.
# For spanish version use this line.
NEWWP=`curl -q http://es.wordpress.org/ 2>/dev/null| grep download-tar | cut -d‘"’ -f4`
# For english version use this line

echo -n "Downloading ${NEWWP}, is this ok? [y/N] "
read -n 1 OK
if [ ${OK} == "n" ]
    echo Exiting…  
    exit 0

echo Downloading new WP…
wget ${NEWWP} -O- | tar zxf –  
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
    echo "Problem found downloading latest release."
    echo "Exiting…"
    exit 1

echo Deleting old wp-admin and wp-includes..
echo -n "is this ok [y/N] "
read -n 1 OK
if [ ${OK} == "n" ]
        echo Exiting…  
        exit 0

rm -fr ${BLOGPATH}/wp-admin
rm -fr ${BLOGPATH}/wp-includes

echo -n "Copying new files…i "
cp -r wordpress/* ${BLOGPATH}
rm -fr wordpress/
echo Done
echo Now go to this URL to update database..
echo -e "${BLOGURL}/wp-admin/upgrade.php"
echo Bye.
exit 0

You just need to change the variables according to your blog needs, each one is commented to best understanding and don’t forget to give execution access. This script has only been tested on Linux and you should only keep it inside your home not in the www or http folder to avoid that someone read it.

You can download it here under your own risk and don’t forget to check my other projects here.

Any comment or doubt leave me a comment and I will try to reply it asap.

Adrian Puente Z.

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